If you happen to have your business setup in an older building, you might be due for an unwelcome surprise when the infrastructure starts to go after lack of maintenance. From siding corrosion to broken windows, the side effects of bad weather can wreak havoc on unsuspecting business owners around the area.

The DK Hat Factory in Philadelphia was recently reminded of this, when the constant snowfall in the area became an absolute burden on many property owner with poorly maintained buildings. In many cases, it is nothing more than a ticking time bomb waiting to bring financial hardships to your workflow. Many people are simply not proactive about keeping up with their building maintenance, siding repair, and yearly evaluations. They are afraid to take off their CEO hat and replace it with a construction worker’s helmet. Sometimes you need to think like a builder in order to preempt any major disasters.

We recently caught up with Brian, owner of DK Hat Factory after what was a surprising tragedy. “It was similar to the Lorenzo’s Pizza incident” he said. One day you have business as usual, and the next all hell breaks loose, simply because of the weather. Brian admitted that he had not taken the proper precautions in a number of years and it likely led to his most recent problem.

Recovering from a fire might be worse than a collapsed roof, as in his case he was lucky that the entire thing could essentially be restored. When the whole building goes, it could be the end of your successful operation as you know it. People seem to make this mistake all the time, whether it is windows, plumbing, weed and lawn care, or simply ordering the next inspection. Much like a young teenager thinks they are forever invincible, many property owners become arrogant and less fearful when they have not experienced any major issues with their building.

philadelphia roofers save the day

Lorenzo’s pizza was able to bounce back fairly quickly due to having the right insurance plan in place. But this is yet another mistake that some business owners somehow neglect – finding the right insurance company! And that is what the professionals here at Dawn-Knight are all about. We take the time to understand every facet of your business from top to bottom to ensure that when disaster strikes, you are fully prepared. Lack of insurance against disaster such as flooding or weather can rely take a toll on your revenue. Manayunk is well known for baring the brunt of massive flooding, putting some bars and storefronts out of commission for weeks or months. Those without insurance simply pack it up and move on for good.

When asked how he was able to recover so quickly, Brian stated that he simply “called the right Philadelphia roofers” when everything went badly for him. His business was luckily restored in no time flat, thanks to the hardworking contractors he called in to battle.

Come back often for more lessons in potential financial ruin as we examine all of the angles when it comes to protecting your business like a true professional.

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